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Here you’ll find a catalog of weddings, corporate events, and special occasions we planned with intention from beginning to end. I’ll also give my best advice on planning a seamless experience and building community along the way. 

Why is design essential for special occasions?

Do you have a special occasion coming up? An anniversary? Bridal shower? Graduation open house? Baby shower? What makes your occasion special? What about the people you invite? We are not only gathering for the sake of gathering, but to intentionally enjoy this time of celebration and surround ourselves with the people who have impacted our lives and truly wish us well, right? Let’s honor those quests and create a genuine atmosphere they will remember. 

What does your vision for décor, food, or even atmosphere look like? These aspects of design may seem small but they are so essential to customizing your very special occasion. That’s because your graduation party, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. should reflect YOU. Your style, your personality, your essence. Do you want to serve cake or maybe mix it up and have some of your favorite desserts instead? Or maybe you love a good yeast donut from Jack’s. What type of flowers do you like? Maybe those orange and red hanging baskets of petunias are just the pop of color you need. Maybe you hate red. Maybe let’s not have flowers at all, let’s use photos and a floating candle in a jar.

Noah’s Ark Baby Shower

Imagine you are a guest walking into your own special occasion. What would you see? What makes this space YOU? The smallest amount of planning and design can leave an everlasting impression. You may be someone who needs help pinpointing that vision or direction you long for in your occasion. We are here to help navigate those waters. Or you may be someone who knows exactly what every corner of your dream space will feel like. 

The most fun part of my job is getting to know my client well and customizing their events specific to their personalities and values. One of my favorite events was a Noah’s Ark themed baby shower. It was important to the soon to be mom to carry over her Noah’s Ark themed nursery into her shower. My client wanted to surround her new bundle of joy with bible stories and animals in pairs so that one day she could talk to him about their significance. 

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Special Occasions

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