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Here you’ll find a catalog of weddings, corporate events, and special occasions we planned with intention from beginning to end. I’ll also give my best advice on planning a seamless experience and building community along the way. 

How to select between a venue or a tented private property event?

Have you been looking for the perfect place to hold your special occasion? Can’t decide between that charming venue or the beautiful tented private property with the view? Here you will find a few tips to help you make that decision!

If you are originally from the Midwest there’s a good chance you grew up around cornfields. And railroad tracks. Whether you grew up in a small rural town or the bustle of a busy city, it’s no mistake you have caught a glimpse of our infamous sunsets. Maybe across a field of corn or beans that seem to dive just beyond the horizon? The swirling of deep oranges, blues, pinks and purples create the most magnificent backdrop for any occasion, no matter the location. 

  • Do you have a rural or agricultural background? Does this type of setting reflect your personal style or vision for your big day? 
  • If you are thinking about hosting your event on private property let’s first decide if you have enough space to house your own guests. How many guests can you efficiently accommodate? Where will parking be located? Where will they use the restroom? 
  • Will your guests be driving further than 45 minutes away? This is a matter of simplicity and safety. Are there hotel accommodations close by for out of town guests?

Next, let’s talk about how to make this type of event happen! Here in the Midwest you will typically find what we call A) White Barn Venues or B) Tented private property events.

  • White Barn Venues
    • You will find more amenities such as: restrooms, designated space for cocktail hour, bride and groom areas to get ready, and usually nearby hotels for guests
    • A few perks of an event venue are food and alcohol service provided, table service, setting up and tearing down of tables and decorations, same day coordination, and sometimes hotel transfers for guests. 
    • Benefit packages vary between venues but often always include recommendations for catering, DJ service, photography/videography, bakeries, even in-house decor to choose from. 
  • Tented Private Property 
    • This setting is unique because it can be made completely custom. Think of it as a blank page to work with. The whole atmosphere of your occasion is tailored to your vision. What theme or colors are you going with? 
    • Design and strategy are key here. We are creating a space for multiple purposes- ceremony with seating, reception with tables, dance floor, buffet style dinner. So many purposes!
    • All the amenities you want must be located and organized to make this setting come to life. Who is going to set up tables and chairs? Who is going to tear down? Where will guests use the restroom? Who is in charge of cards and gifts to be gathered and taken for the bride and groom? Where will the wedding party get ready for the day? 
    • This option may sound like more work but do not be discouraged. With design and vision kept at a top priority this location can be one of the most fulfilling and fun to make your event come to life!

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Photography credit: Marissa Wiley – Indy + KC Wedding Photographer / Instagram @marissawileyphoto &

Holly Lea – Midwest Wedding Photographer / Instagram @hollylea_

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